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ForumKorner Official Guidelines

As a member of the ForumKorner community, please abide to the following guidelines.

  • Respect other members. This forum is a community, a family. Your goal as a member is to make everyone feel home. No exceptions. Greet new members, engage with old ones.

  • If you dislike or have beef with another user, please take it off-site. Keep the toxicity off the forums.

  • Low quality posting/spamming will get you a warning. You will be temporarily banned if your warning level hits 100%.

  • The sale of illegal items is strictly prohibited on this forum. Attempting to sell such items will result in a warning and permanent ban if the warning is ignored.

  • Do not ask for reactions or profile posts. Asking for Feedback is only allowed after a successful deal.

  • Multiple accounts are not allowed, unless otherwise granted by greg.

  • Please use the NSFW prefix on your threads if they contain any sensitive material, use spoilers accordingly. Not doing so will result in warnings, which can lead to a ban.

  • Posting personal information, or doxes of any person is strictly forbidden. If someone has their name, email, etc. publicly associated with their online identity, you may share that.

  • Stealing other users' accounts, whether it be an Xbox account, Instagram, or their on-site account is highly frowned upon. Doing so will result in a permanent ban and possibly even an escalation to the authorities.

  • Begging for anything on this site is not allowed. Do not beg for money, help, etc. You will be warned.

  • Please keep your signature appealing to the eye. Don't be that guy that ends up on everyones ignore list.

  • You and you solely are responsible for what you post on the forum.

  • If you are caught scamming another member, you will be punished. A permanent ban will be issued, in which you will have to follow the ban dispute process in order to be unbanned / allowed back on the forum.

  • Please leave feedback accordingly. Only leave feedback for deals in which you are buying, selling or trading. If you Middleman ("MM") a deal, DO NOT leave feedback on the users you've MM'd for. It is up to them to do so for each other.

  • Do not leave feedback on a user for them MMing a deal. You are free to leave a post vouching on their MM thread.

  • Media of any gore, deaths, and overall disgusting acts will leave you with a temporary ban under no circumstances. If your intentions are clear, it may be permanent.

  • Please do not ban evade. Ban evading is the act of making a new account due to your original one being banned. The only users who may make a new account once banned are those who:
    • were banned before the 2019 revival and want a fresh start
    • go through the ban dispute process and are given the go ahead to make a new account

  • Keep it clean. Curse as much as you like, but please stray away from any offensive material.

  • Advertising, unless allowed by greg is strictly forbidden. Your signature is your personal space to advertise your on-site threads, contact info, etc, not your personal forum.

  • Under no circumstances are you to leak or steal any private content of the site. Doing so may result in a ban or escalation to a higher entity.

  • If you are looking to post an image, please upload it to Imgur. This is for both longevity of your media and security.

  • When bumping threads, please don't spam. We all want our posts to be at the top but be considerate of others. Keep it at no more than 3 bumps per hour. This counts for all threads.

Guidelines always change. Please be sure to check this page here and there!