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Welcome to a list of the features of ForumKorner. This is a part of what makes us special.
  • Bump button, a better way to bump your threads.

  • Brand new reputation system.

  • Brand new feedback system with rules in play.

  • Custom casino for on-site credits.

  • Referral system which rewards you + monthly contests based on referrals.

  • Customizable profile and post backgrounds.

  • Profile posts.

  • Certain market forum posts are hid from guests, the rest of the forum is viewable.

  • Ability to hide your post content for replies or reactions. Hide for reactions tag is allowed in the market.

  • Our monthly upgrade Inferno gives 'Inferno Tokens' which can be used for extra customization of your username, usertitle, ability to purchase stickies and more to come.

  • Custom eBay and PC deals pages.

  • Our custom user group page lists all user owned groups along with easy access to see the group owners and members.

  • Various reactions are available to posts, including like and dislike.

  • Native emoji support.

  • Custom "Interval Posts" system. Allowing rewards for incremental posts.

That's not all, we're constantly adding new features and updating the forum. Have a suggestion? Post here.