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Onyx $10
Rep Amount -1 / +1
Advertisements Home only
Onyx trophy
Can post on profiles
Can change username
Can post in the Premium Market
Can give feedback
Can delete own posts
Bump Button Enabled
Set a custom profile background
Extra signature formatting
Bump cooldown 75 mins
Power $15
Rep Amount -2 / +2
All Onyx perks
Can change user title
Can view and post in the Power Market
Can delete own threads
Can use thread tags
Can view banned member list
Bump cooldown 60 mins
Supporter $30
Rep Amount -3 / +3
Supporter trophy
All Power perks
Can view all rep given by a user
Can create new content tags
Extra signature formatting
One extra entry in FK hosted giveaways
Bump cooldown 30 mins
Inferno $7.50/m
Inferno username suffix
Inferno thread prefix
Can bypass hide tags
Two extra entries in FK hosted giveaways