All current user upgrades.
Onyx Power Supporter Power
$15 $25 $35 $10/month
• Remove global ads1
• Grants Onyx award
• Ability to post on profiles
• Ability to change username (3 day cooldown)
• Ability to post in the Premium Market
• Can give feedback
• Can delete own posts
• No time limit on editing / deleting posts
• Extra signature formatting
All Onyx perks, plus:
• No ads
• Ability to change user title
• Ability to view and post in the Power Market
• Delete own threads
• Ability to set thread tags
• 1 day cooldown for username changes
• Ability to view username changes of other members
• Access to the Profile QR Code generator
All Power perks, plus:
• Grants Supporter trophy
• Ability to create new content tags
• Extra signature formatting
• No cooldown for username changes
• Ability to control username history privacy
• One extra pick in FK upgraded/non-upgraded giveaways hosted by greg
• Short link to your profile, example: https://krnr.me/u/47th
• Inferno username suffix2
• Inferno thread prefix ()
• Weekly Inferno Token Grant
• Access to the Inferno Exclusive Shop
• Two extra picks in FK upgraded/non-upgraded giveaways hosted by greg
• Extra FK Discord/Telegram bot functionality3

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1: excludes page specific ads
2: contact greg to disable
3: The bots will be coming within the upcoming months!
extra: If you would like to gift an upgrade, contact greg
Power+ will be renamed to Inferno
if you would like to subscribe to Power + for more than one month, message greg.
get $5 off 6 months and $20 off (2 months free) 12 months!