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Credit Casino
- Our very own Credit Casino where you can gamble your credits.
- A log of the latest given Feedback on ForumKorner and a list of the top traders.
- Page dedicated to showing current referral contests, your referral link and a link to your member referrals.
Profile QR Code
- Generates a QR code containing your profile link. Power only!
- Page dedicated on how to donate to ForumKorner, with perks!
- A short and sweet list of all user-owned ForumKorner groups + extra information regarding user groups.
Streamers of FK
- A page compiled of featured ForumKorner streamers.
- Extra tips and information on Cryptocurrency.
- A small page with widgets on exchanging Crypto.
eBay Deals
- A page displaying various daily and weekly eBay deals.
Reddit Deals
- A page displaying the latest PC related deals from /r/buildapcsales.