What Do Things Actually Cost? - The Anatomy Of A Jacket

Sep 19, 2014
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procrastinating so I feel like doing something at least meaningful so I present you this thread. https://noahny.com/blogs/news/anatomy-of-a-jacket-two-tone-parka

Everything you buy has a cost and whether you realize it or not, many people's expectations on prices of things have been shaped by advertisements, huge corporations, and ignorance. When you think something is "expensive" and go on to buy something else that is "cheap" instead, you are offsetting many costs, with the environment, and people, picking up that cost for you. That is the privilege of cheap alternatives. Not even to mention that many cheap alternatives, in this case specifically clothing, are not made to last and are made to be as cheap as possible to tout the lowest price tag.

I know we can't all think about the costs of everything we do, it's an impossible effort. We all need to choose our values and what we really care for, but I think it's fair to say that we should at least be conscientious of our actions. I don't know if anyone here is interested in clothing, but we all do wear clothes. This applies to many other things as well. Also, just because a brand says they're "sustainable" does not mean they are sustainable.

Here is an extremely interesting article (to me) about what it takes for Noah to produce this certain jacket. They describe themselves as "responsible" which is a good word and actually means more nowadays than sustainable, since brands have just abused "sustainable" into the ground, rendering it meaningless. Note that Noah is a "fashion" brand so they're focused on making "stylish" clothing so that also comes with a price of its own. A responsibly made jacket can definitely cost less than this.
Here is a link to the article: https://noahny.com/blogs/news/anatomy-of-a-jacket-two-tone-parka

Here is a price breakdown of everything that went into the jacket. Managing a company and overhead costs also factor in so you also need to take that into account. This way of doing business is not suitable for rapid expansion and soaring profits. I hope this post was somewhat interesting to read and informed you on some things : )