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Puck's MM Service! *Staff Vouched!*


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Always wanted a place to open a service to reinforce my authentic nature!

Many probably don't know who I am so here is a little about me:
Hello Everyone! My name is Tony but most refer to me as "Puck". I have always wanted to start a middleman service ever since I joined the comm and got scammed by someone for my first deal due to understanding how shitty the feeling of being robbed was! My goal is to provide a safe and authentic transaction between users! I am mainly known for selling gamertags on the other site and have already mm'd a handful of deals. When @agony told me that there was a section for people such as I who wanted to try to make a name from theirselves you could only assume how excited I was. It is my pleasure to provide this service and eventually thrive on this site!
I hope to be doing deals with you all very soon!

Things I will MM and how I will:

Any type of deal unless I say otherwise

Accounts I can secure (anything not listed I will hold funds for):


Best way to contact me:

Kik: CorLeone
telegram: HockeyCock
Discord (Pm for discord)

Funds I can Hold:




[Pricing will NEVER! change ]

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also a big vouch for Puck, I bought a tag off him, sent BTC first & had no issues. Easy guy to work with. Thanks again