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admin How to File an Account Recovery

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First of all, please do not make a new account unless I allow it!

If you have not logged in before the 2019 Revival, please do not file an account recovery.
I cannot rely on old IP addresses or you only knowing the old email address.
If this applies to you, please message me on telegram.
You may still be able to recover your account if trusted members can vouch it's you. Otherwise, you're free to make a new account. This applies to all old members, banned and unbanned.

Now, for those who have logged in after the Revival, please follow these steps to filing an account recovery:
  • Click "Contact Us" at the bottom of the page
  • Name: your username
  • Email: an email of yours
  • Subject: "Account Recovery Request"
  • Please make your case in the message body. Be sure to include your telegram username. If you do not have a telegram account, please make make one. Telegram's site is here.
  • If you have upgraded via Coinbase, provide me with the email in which you received the invoice.
  • If you have upgraded via Stripe, provide me with the email and last four of the card used.
  • For those who upgraded via Stripe, it will be a quick, painless process if you provide me with the last four of the card for confirmation.
  • Otherwise, I'll continue with the recovery by giving you further instructions.

Again, DO NOT make a new account. DO NOT file a recovery if you haven't logged in during or after the Revival.
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