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Hello! - Returning User


Onyx user!
Hello, fellow ForumKorner users! My name is Tyler, I was formerly @/Earn and @/Somber on here, but I was @/Tyler on OGFLIP and @/TYL3R on OGUsers. I have been away from the “community” and forums for about three years now, and holy shit have things changed. I know a vast majority of users use OGUsers now since OGFLIP died years ago, but that forum is just straight up fucking cringe. I tried using it in the beginning when it first came out, but I just couldn’t. It’s not good. What brought me back here out of all the forums to go back to was the members itself. This was the very first forum I signed up on back in 2015 and where things first started for me. I really wish I would have found out about it a lot sooner considering I joined the “community” in December of 2013.

I’m gonna try being more active on here and help with the activity and growth of this forum. It really does have potential now since @greg owns it now. Fuck @Philly ‘till it’s backwards! It’s great to be back and I hope to see some familiar faces (or usernames) around! If you knew me from another forum, please stop by and say “hello!” I would love to catch up with all of you!

Here’s my contact information!:

Discord: tyler#8888


Welcome back to the site, I have seen you around. Keep up the activity :)