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[For Sale]My Custom MyBB Theme


Selling my Custom MyBB theme, as I need cash for some things.

I'd like to do a bid if that's allowed or whatever.

Here's some screenshots of the theme:


Here's some features I know it has:

  • Custom Editor Style
  • Custom Memberlist Design
  • Portal Design
  • Image slider that you can easily edit, it also has a hover effect that shows text.
  • "Spot Available" Affiliates Image bar at bottom of forum
  • Nice Postbit
  • Nice simple Footer
  • Up button when you scroll far down
  • Social Buttons in Breadcrumb
  • IP-Boards style user dropdown, that can be linked to a "Statuses" plugin.
The theme can work for various forum topics, it would really make a sweet gaming theme as well.

I payed a bit over $200 for this theme, so, I'm looking to make a decent amount for it. If I get a good amount I'll only sell it this once to one other person, if I don't get too much then I'll sell it a few times till I get the amount that I need.

Let the bid begin, or if you're looking to be the one buyer let me know how much you're willing to pay for this.

Old Man

Power member.
This is stacked homie. GLWS I'm sure it will sell.