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6 Months of Sobriety


discord: agony#6055
I know there’s probably a majority of young users on here( posted on ogu too lol) , but I’d like to be an example of making something better of myself.

When I was younger, I started drinking at age 18. Being in the Navy at the time, it was legal for me and easily accessible because so many around me drank as well. I ended up falling into a bad pattern of nasty habits while drinking. From ruined relationships, to crashing my car, to even ruining my online trustworthiness in the community.

One of my biggest regrets I’ll ever have is selling my alias 4-5 years ago. I could have been a highly Trusted member alongside users like @Amp @Beam etc. I even started my middleman service a month before Beam.

However, I allowed one drunk sad night to ruin that year’s ago.

And for some reason, even then, that wasn’t enough to make me stop. I kept drinking and diving deeper in a depression I never thought I’d get out of.

Some more failed relationships later, and finally the loss of a really good job finally opened my eyes.

I lost the majority of all the good friends I had due to my excessive drinking.

Maybe I can’t change what I did in the past, but I plan to continue daily making better choices and positive action to better myself as a person.

Not everyone in an alcoholic like myself, but take me as an example of what someone could have been had they not given up to such a terrible coping mechanism .

And to any others out there struggling like myself though, you have to realize something: you are not alone. Isolating yourself will only worsen your predicaments. It’s something I ended up doing for a long time, until I started reaching out and taking the positive steps to change myself.

Anyways... didn’t intend to write a novel. But I’m proud of what I’ve been doing lately and if anyone else has similar issues, feel free to reach out to me and we can chat about it.

With complete sincerity,


discord: agony#6055 if anyone wants to chat
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