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Winters coming, get a nice in exspensive leather jacket here


Sup guys, so as I said in my last thread I am moving out of the USA in April and am selling off things I will not be taking with me....I have around 10-15 jackets since I live in the cold rain city of Seattle....Northface, Columbia, Nordstrom, JCPenny, and others. Some female jackets and some male but I gaurente they have all been taken the best care of and have not a single rip or tear in them. Planning to take the other jackets to Platos Closet or post em locally on craigslist but figured I'd see if anyone here would be interested in a real black leather jacket for cheap as these have maybe been worn 20-30 times only on special occasions, court appearances, etc etc (Also we live in an upscale city and nice neighborhood and are a fairly wealthy family, not trying to brag what so ever but just stating the fact that we take very good care of our clothing and frequent the dry cleaners so you need to have no worries about any dirt or disgusting people wearing these jackets)

1st - yes this is the most worn 1, womans jacket, but still in nice condition - 10$

2nd - Much nicer jacket, womans, hardly worn - 20$

Mens jacket also hardly warn and well kept - 20

lastly this was my christmas present 2 years ago, I wore it maybe 5 times only and its just sat in my closet - 30$

Just tossing this 1 in for the hell of it but not sure anyone wants to drop the cash on a Prada jacket...this was also a christmas gift but I am not the type of guy to wear Prada of course I dont even know what they go for so putting the price of 50$ as its in near mint condition



The last quality designer pieces for sale....an alligator skin money clip made in italy (found it online for 139) will take 50 for it.....and then a black near mind Coach wallet - 30

Would keep the money clip but rather get a super secure wallet to carry cash in

Mens Coach wallet real leather, also love this wallet but for now monies more important for my move - paid 54.99, will take 30 as its still mint

Posting these up to test the waters....if I get enough interest I will make another thread with my northface, columbia, and other winter jackets


Jason said:
Holy shit, you have been around for years. You sell apparel now?
Yeah bro I was off the scene for a few years dealin wit my dumbass drug problems n shit...but finally got clean and decided to move to my fiances home country to live for a few years...she got rich grandparents that offered me a house, land, and financial support until I can get a job. So figured fk it why not travel and experience living in another culture. But yeah that's the only reason why I am selling off the nicer things I own and don't want to trash or just leave sitting in my closet for 3 years

*Quick Edit* This stupid forums rules wont let me change my signature, but for now my new Skype ID: AK47Gun, so feel free to re-add me I know I lost 100s of homies from AKfourty7 being banned


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If it's authentic, that's an amazing deal on the Prada jacket. Good luck man.