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Scheme of earning $5-8 btc is guaranteed today!


Scheme of earning $5-8 is guaranteed today!

All you need to do is to publish your faces daily on the forum, the first profit is guaranteed today!

The scheme is quite simple, shorten the link and share it on the forum. In fact, there are many ways, but I found the most profitable, the essence of working according to the scheme:

1) You need to register on the site to earn money - https://exe.io and register on the forum https://forum.sorrymother.video

2) Go to this site - https://megaonlyfans.com select any model, copy the title, and click CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD MEGA PACK will transfer you to mega, copy this link and shorten it to exe.io then click Create link and you will get a shortened link. Now we will pour tons of traffic from the forum, you need to create new topics in the (onlyfans) section, the main thing is to make a picture of the model in the post, this gives a lot of traffic.

3) Everyone now receives money for clicking on your links. We post 5-10 girls a day, if you do more, then the income will be many times higher.

4) Withdrawal of money minimum 5$, Bitcoin, PayPal, Payeer, Airtm, Advcash, PerfectMoney. Withdraw every Wednesday, I recommend withdrawing to the exchange in Bitcoin https://www.okx.com.