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@Panda Pardon


I saw a thread that wasn't made by me, so thought I'd make one and see how it goes.

I'm @Panda, I have never once scammed anybody nor have I ever tried to. I simply tried helping you out @Philly and things went south.

I got banned months ago but if you read this and wouldn't mind giving me a second chance then I'd appreciate it, at the end of the day it's all down to you.

Please think about it @Philly, you can't genuinely believe I deserved it. Thank you.



Well-Known Member
You're my mate and I want you back but ultimately it is up to Philly on this one mate, sorry.

I'd like to see you come back and I do believe Philly that Panda is a user worthy of being forgiven for anything done wrong.


Power member.
This pardon has been accepted, no dwc or removal of upgrades. Please go over our rules again before interacting again upon getting unbanned.