Modding Gone too far?

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Ight, to all you so called legit sellers trying to scam people with your mods is pathetic i already uploaded several videos with people with high ass rep going around scamming people like wtf. 
if you're buying mods make sure that dude/gal can do that shit live dont trust no videos anyone sends you over kik/skype/youtube. i know you may be thinking how tf do you show fake videos on skype? 

Skype > FakeWebcam 
Kik> Any Modded kik
Youtube> they can easily still other peoples videos

 there are some legit modders but 50% of this community is filled with scammers trying to get there little 10$... if you need to scam people you're pathetic. stealing and scamming is complety different sometime people dont know you stole from them but sometimes they do know.

The main point of this thread is to call out all these scammers inflicting their negative vibes on the community links exposing these kids will be up shortly stay tuned.
Not open for further replies.