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    Always confirm via PMs before continuing with a deal.

ja's Middleman Service! (CHEAP, FAST & RELIABLE)


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ja's Middleman Service! CrabPls
Always confirm on-site before dealing!

I'll make this quick & simple.
I have 8+ years of experience, have multiple methods to secure items/accounts & would like deals to be safer, faster & more efficient between buyers and sellers.
I believe my MM service will help prevent new users being scammed. Let's keep everyone safe!

How do the deals work?

If the buyer wants to secure the account/item on their own:
  1. The user buying an account/item sends me the agreed on price along with the fee in Bitcoin.​
  2. After the Bitcoin transaction have fully confirmed I will then let the seller know I've 100% received the funds.​
  3. The seller will then give the item/account information over to the buyer.​
  4. The buyer will then secure the account/item & confirm when they're done.​
  5. After the confirmation I will then send the funds to the seller.​

If the buyer wants me to secure the account/item:
  1. The user buying an account/item sends me agreed on price along with the fee in Bitcoin.​
  2. The seller sends me the item/account information & I secure to the best of my abilities.​
  3. Once the Bitcoin has fully confirmed I will send the item/new & old account information to buyer.​
  4. The buyer secures the item/account & confirms with me.​
  5. After the confirmation I will then send the funds to the seller.​

I can currently MM for these sites/apps:
Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo, Protonmail ect
YouTube (I move channels from one email to another instantly)
Website/app not listed? Ask me why!

Payment methods I can MM for:
Bitcoin (Holding/Exchanging)
Credits (Multiple forums)

Under $100 deals are a flat fee of $5.
Over $100 deals are 10% of the price.

Terms of Service:
  • I have the right to deny any deal for any reason at all.​
  • I do not swap usernames mid deal. You may do that in your own time after the deal.​
  • I am not held responsible for any accounts/currency that are pulled back, turbo'd, stolen, or extorted during or after the deal.​
  • You must confirm on-site that it is me the following way: http://prntscr.com/rmofkc
  • Everyone involved in the deal must be online & active the entire time during.​
  • Fees are non-refundable in any situation. (If you have paid me & the deal falls through, you will have "credit" within my services for the amount paid)​

My only contact methods:
Kik: away
Telegram: Olympian
Discord: ja#0234 (Nitro since 21-Mar-2020)