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iMini V2


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iMini V2​

Five months ago, I purchased my first vape device, the iMini V2. So far, I am so pleased with my experience with it that today I decided to write about it online. By reading this, you may be wondering how and why I chode this exact device to purchase as my first one ever. The answer is that one of my friends recommended it to me. He said it is pretty easy to utilize and to carry with me anywhere I want. Additionally, he also said that it is a vape device that will not require a lot from me to maintain, and I have to confess he did not lie at all. So far, in these five months, I did not have or not observed a single issue with it. Additionally, I really believe that by explaining the device in more detail online, I will help a lot of people [especially novices] to understand better what this device is all about.


How This Device Looks Like​

One thing that I consider it will interest you the most about this device is its design, of course. To be honest, this is something I was interested in a lot as well before purchasing it then. I have to mention that the iMini V2 is portable thanks to its dimensions [48mm in height, 30mm in width, and 16mm in depth]. Moreover, the device case is made of high-quality stainless steel material, which I consider a huge benefit. One part of the iMini V2 [where the liquid is held] is see-through, so it is easy for the user to see how much liquid there is and to be aware of when it will be in the end. As a girl, something else I was very excited about its design is the variation of colors available. Because of this, I could easily find the color that would fit my style and personal preferences more. All of the settings are accessible through a single button to provide ease and convenience of use. Additionally, this power button is very easy to find as it exists in the front face of the iMini V2.

Button combination​

The iMini V2 possesses a LED light on the fire button that lights blue to indicate when the device is locked. Using the same button, you can press it five times for straightforward locking and unlocking of the device. Better yet, this unit is designed to pause the flash and heat every 10 seconds to prevent overheating. Notably, it is feature-packed. When I said above that it is effortless to use, I meant that! To power it on, you will have to connect a 510-thread vape cartridge and click the button five times. You can do the same to turn it off. When you click it twice after the first five clicks, the device will start heating up. Give it 15 seconds, and you’ll notice the LED light indicator. Further, you can click it one more time to preheat. Once this device is heated, it is ready to inhale, as simple as that. Thanks to the ergonomic craftsmanship and user-friendly design, I guarantee you can easily control this vape mod.


It is not a secret that the iMini V2 has a lot of benefits, which is also one reason that made me want to purchase it so severely. First of all, as I mentioned above, it is very easy to utilize. Additionally, it is very inexpensive. Another benefit I consider significant is its ergonomic design as well as the voltage variation that it has [3.7-4.2V]. Furthermore, the fact that it does not require a lot to maintain can also be considered as a huge advantage.


In conclusion, I can comfortably say that the iMini V2 is really worth it to purchase. Additionally, I do not regret at all listening to my friend’s review that recommended me this device. Also, even if it is so easy to use, I still recommend every single one of you o read first an instruction guide before operating it, especially if you are a novice.