Fortree Forums (Pokemon Fan Site)


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Hello everyone.

I'd like to introduce you all to Fortree Forums. We're a fairly new Pokemon Fan Forum based on Fortree City from Pokemon 3rd gen games.

We've plenty of tree houses at the moment so why not head over and sign up?

We have a couple of cool contests running too at the moment, one of them is our Summer Snowberry Art Contest, the winner will win a copy of New Pokemon Snap on Switch.

We've plenty of other cool stuff going on too, our post ranks are actual badges from the 3rd gen Pokemon games and on top of that you can get other badges as awards on the website.

We're a close tight knit community who are looking to welcome other fans of Pokemon. Pokemon not your thing? That's okay, we've plenty of people discussing all sorts of topics, from games on Steam to the latest thing they just ate.

Why not check us out now? Just click the banner below to be taken directly to our forum or click the Art Contest image above to be taken directly to the art contest.