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Decentraland [MANA]


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http://decentraland.org a virtual world where you can buy parcels of land to build cool games/projects/scenes/casinos, pretty much anything you can imagine has opened its doors to the public yesterday. You can buy rare limited wearable items (collectibles), claim your name for 100 MANA etc.

MANA is the games currency and has many uses, at present 1 MANA = 0.056774 US Dollar.
In contrast to this the cheapest parcel of the 90,000 parcels of LAND that make up Decentraland for sale right now is 13,500 MANA which is around $750.

What I found interesting was that as well as selling LAND and avatar items, you can also put your name up for sale on the marketplace for MANA, there are several OG listings at the moment for ridiculous prices and there's tons of og's still available. Registering a username costs around $7 in total (100 MANA & like $2 ETH fees).

At the moment there's a huge treasure hunt going on where you can complete tasks to find loot crates that may contain NFT's (non-fungible tokens) such as cryptokitties, MANA tokens or other cryptocurrencies.

May be worth checking out!
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