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Shop Cold War Modded Zombies Lobbies - Quick Levels, Challenges, Camos and more!


This is a service for modded Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War zombies lobbies with instant kill, unlimited ammo, god mode, super jump and more! Great for Leveling Guns, Earning Calling Cards and getting pink diamond!

This service will depend on your needs, I can charge you an hourly rate, or per round.
For example going to round 100 Calling card, or wanting to get a whole set of camos done.

Price List:
XP Lobbies​
All Guns​
Prestige 7​
Prestige 7 Level 1000​
Zombies Lobbies​
1 Hour​
Plague Diamond ARs​
Plague Diamond SMGs​
Plague Diamond Tac Rifles​
Plague Diamond LMG​
Plague Diamond Snipers​
Plague Diamond Shotguns​
Plague Diamond Launchers​
Plague Diamond Pistols​
Plague Diamond Specials​
Dark Aether​

I have had no bans etc and have done over 10,000+ rounds. (That being said do this at your own risk, can still be a risk)

I accept Bitcoin, Cash app, PayPal you name it.

If interested reply or PM me or message me on Kik or telegram.​
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