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o What am I doing?
I am offering a service for people who do not have the time to spend ages leveling up on RuneScape, but still want to play the game. This is where I come in. I level up your account to level up a level of your choice, to x level. Upon ordering my services, you can tell me these variables. You can either have your account leveled up by BOT, or by myself.

o So I need to give you my account details? :eek:
I'm afraid so, but you will be safe in the knowledge that I will NOT "mess" with your account. Neither will I change the password. I'm sure people will be willing to vouch for me in this thread once I have a few orders under my belt. :)

o How will you level up my account?
You have two options when you order my service.
Of course genuine requires more of my time, so as always, time goes up - price goes up.
I will, to the best of my ability, try to get your order completed on time. I will also give you a rough estimate of the order duration before you complete the transaction.

o Will I get banned if I choose the botting option?
Absolutely not. Although I cannot guarantee this, it is 98% certain that your account will not get banned while I am leveling it up.

o So how much is it?
Here are some basic outlines I have written up. Of course the price depends on the skill you have chosen, and how many levels you want it leveled up.

1-10 ~ $0.30 |Genuine ~ $0.50
10-20 ~ $0.80 |Genuine ~ $1
20-30 ~ $1.20 |Genuine ~ $1.50
30-40 ~ $2 |Genuine ~ $3

1-40 ~ $4 |Genuine ~ $6.50

Levels 40+ can be arranged. Please contact me either via PM system here on RuneGear, or by MSN. [email protected]


o So how can I order it?
Simple! Either post here, with clear details of what you want done, and I can contact you, OR PM me. OR message me on MSN, my MSN is above :). Thanks in advance for ordering my services.


Orders completed: 0


None as of yet

You may notice that I have only one post. This is because I posted this exact thread on HackForums.net a half hour ago, and got no replies. The RS community over there is non existent! You may not think I am a trusted member, but if you wish I can link you to my HF profile. I am reasonably trusted over there.

Not a single -rep, 19 positive reputations!


That IS me.


User is banned.
Hey Respawn Remember Me ;). Still want to do it for a Vouch!?


Will do it for a vouch in an hour or so, just botting my mining on main.

This is a great cheap service. Want to use it? Rofl. By the way, I am updating the thread soon, Mahail did me a set up one.