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An Introduction to Reselling/Flipping


What is reselling?

Reselling a.k.a. flipping is the act of purchasing an item and selling it for profit.

What can I resell?

There are a million things you can resell, but we'll focus on reselling more hype items such as profitable sneakers, clothing, collectibles, retail items such as consoles and graphics cards, etc. We'll post threads for items that are dropping with potential profit in our Releases forum.

Where can I sell these items?

I find I get the most sales on eBay, but Mercari is another great place to sell online. StockX is a site for selling very hype items, I personally don't use it often due to the fees and authentication process. OfferUp, Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace are good options if you're willing to sell locally for cash. We'll soon post an introduction thread regarding bulk buyers who'll buy certain hype items for a set price and pay via ACH, PayPal, Cash App, etc.

How can I purchase these items?

How drops work heavily depends on the site. For example, if a graphics card is dropping on Best Buy, all you do is visit the page at the time of the drop and try to add to your cart and purchase until it says sold out. Some places don't have links until the drop time, so you'll have to search for the item manually on drop or use a link from a monitor. A monitor is usually a Discord channel from a paid cook group that automatically posts links of items when they appear or go in stock. A cook group is a paid group that provides information on drops, items, many Discord channels with site/item specific monitors, giveaways, groupbuys with partners and bots, etc. A groupbuy is the act of a cook group getting a limited purchase link or promo code for their members, granting access to proxies, bots, etc. Bots are programs used to automate the purchase of items from various sites ranging from sneaker sites to retail sites such as Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, etc. Creating multiple tasks on bots with proxies gives you a better chance at purchasing an item and in some cases is the only way to purchase very hype items. We will be posting an introduction to botting and proxies soon. Please do note that reselling takes money to make money, and in some cases, certain items can be hard to sell.
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