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3 Months of SM Giveaways - Week 4

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Welcome to the week 4 of our social media giveaways!

In this weeks giveaway, you may post as many times as you like in this thread!

Each post in this thread is an entry. On May 11th, a number will be drawn from 1 to the number of replies and the winner's post will be chosen.

The winner will be able to choose from the following:

Xbox gamertag - WC4
Soundcloud username - partial
Soundcloud username - elegance
Soundcloud username - eta
Steam ID - roc
Kik - url
Telegram - spaghetti
Runescape / RSN - Dependent

We will be lax on our rules on this thread, but any pure spam will result in a warning. Good luck!

The winner will be drawn on May 11th, around 5pm EST.
Not open for further replies.