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My Awards
Name Description Award
Onyx Upgrade to Onyx to receive this award. Onyx
Power Upgrade to Power to receive this award. Power
Power+ Upgrade to Power+ to receive this award. Power+
Donator In one payment donate a total of $10 to receive this Award. Donator
Master Donator In one payment donate a total of $40 to receive this Award. Master Donator
Extreme Donator In one payment donate a total of $150 to receive this Award. Extreme Donator
Money Maker In one payment donate a total of $600 to receive this Award. Money Maker
Contributor Financially and/or promotionally help ForumKorner. We wouldn't be the same without you. Contributor
Staff You must be a staff member to achieve this award. Staff
Suggester Make an accepted suggestion to ForumKorner. Suggester
Helper You have helped FK significantly. Helper
Reporter Report a total of 150 reported posts to achieve this award. Reporter
Upgrader Upgrade a total of 5 members to be granted this award. Upgrader
Extreme Upgrader Upgrade a total of 20 members to be granted this award. Extreme Upgrader
Poster You must achieve a total of 1,000 posts to be granted this award. Poster
Sticky Earn by getting one of your threads stickied. (Paid stickies do not count.) Sticky
YouTube Upload a video to YouTube promoting ForumKorner. Your username must be in the description as well as a link to FK. YouTube
Tutorial Post either a unique written or video tutorial. Tutorial
Graphics Earn this by keeping the graphics sections active. Graphics
Marijuana Earn this by keeping the Marijuana section active. Marijuana
Gift Giver This Award is given to members who are active in hosting giveaways in the Contest Giveaways & Requests section. Gift Giver
Old Timer If your user id is below 150 and you are still active here you will receive this award. Old Timer
4th of July Make a video on the 4th of fireworks. Proof of who you are must be provided. 4th of July
Thanksgiving Who can cook the best Turkey on FK? Thanksgiving
Hustler Everyday I'm hustlin! Hustler
Cool Cat Must be a real homie of mine to get this one. Cool Cat
Royalty You are a king! Royalty
Pint I think you need a beer. Pint
Ass Kisser I think we all know how to get this one. Ass Kisser
Gamer Be one hell of a gamer to get this award. Gamer
Gambler Gambling is for entertainment only, not for investment purposes. Gambler
Dancer Prove you can dance to achieve this award. Dancer
Grammar Freak You must always have perfect grammar to achieve this. Grammar Freak
Hacker Make 150 posts at HackDiscussion.com to receive this award. Hacker
Referral Refer 25 people to receive this award. Referral
Ninja Prove your Ninja skills. Owned by @Amp Ninja
Infinite For the members of Infinite. Owned by @Greed Infinite
Honey Because Glitter said so. Owned by @Glitter Milk Honey
Bitcoin Donate one Bitcoin to ForumKorner to receive this award. (Limited to only first 10 donators!) Bitcoin
Ex-Staff All Ex-Staff members that left on their own accord get's this award. Ex-Staff
Cheese Smile for the camera. Cheese
Music Lover Awarded to those who know their music. Owned by @Alex Music Lover
Koin Whore Only obtainable via purchasing for 25 Koins HERE. Koin Whore
Anime You know your anime. Owned by @Alpha Anime
3 year anniversary Award thread 3 year anniversary
Kudos King 500 Kudos received. Kudos King
Forum Junkie Obtain 1 month of online time. Forum Junkie
Post Guru Acquire 10,000 posts. Post Guru
Post Junkie Acquire 5,000 posts. Post Junkie
Extreme Reporter Acquire 500 reported posts. Extreme Reporter
K.R.E.A.M (Koins Rule Everything Around Me) Only obtainable via purchasing for 100 Koins HERE. K.R.E.A.M (Koins Rule Everything Around Me)
Philly's Star It is unspecified how to obtain this. Philly's Star
Supporter Earn this by being a member of the "Supporter" usergroup for at least 1 year. Supporter
Detective Earn this by constantly finding ban evaders and reporting them to staff. Detective
Chill Owned by @Chill Chill
Baller Baller. Owned by @amp Baller
OTF Only The Family. Owned by @Ambien OTF
Philly's Helpers This award is for all of the members that help @Philly in their own little way. Philly's Helpers
Halloween '14 -'17 https://www.forumkorner.com/thread-282659.html Halloween '14 -'17
Uneven.net Post here: http://www.uneven.net/showthread.php?tid=4 to obtain this award. Uneven.net
Primeforums Join Primeforums.net and post a min of 15 times to claim this award. Owned by @???? Primeforums
The Golden Egg Simply earn this award by smashing an egg on your head. Owned by @Glitter Milk The Golden Egg
Merry Christmas It is unspecified how to obtain this each year, however by being active you surely will find out more details as they come annually. Merry Christmas
RHC Award. Exclusive award for members of the Rich Homie Club only. Owned by @Ty- RHC Award.
Precious You are precious & valuable! Owned by @"Lily" Precious
Loyalty You earned this, For being loyal! Owned by @Lily Loyalty
Billiards Win this by beating @Philly on the Miniclip game; 8 Ball Pool. (Best 2 of 3) ID: 1192743851 (Current Record: 354-69) Billiards
Sun Sun: Owned by @Balfour Sun
Orb Orb: Owned by @Balfour Orb
Investor This award is granted to only those who are members of the Investors group. http://www.forumkorner.com/thread-229682.html Investor
The Marksman For the true shooters (http://www.forumkorner.com/thread-231232.html) Owned by @nadav The Marksman
May For members that Supported ForumKorner in May of 2015. May
Triforce Given to a select few. Owned by @Samus Triforce
OFWG Exclusive award for members of the Odd Future Wolf Gang. Owned by @Blast OFWG
Key to success Owned by @Phantom' Key to success
Nobody Owned by @Ambien Nobody
5 Year Anniversary http://www.forumkorner.com/thread-272840.html 5 Year Anniversary
Sinisterly This award is for fulfilling requirements here: https://www.forumkorner.com/thread-215603.html Sinisterly
FOOL Exclusively for members of the FOOL usergroup. FOOL

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